Affordable Fitness Apps

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It took a global pandemic to make me adopt an at-home workout routine. I still haven’t returned to a gym and, given how many affordable fitness apps are available, maybe you haven’t either. Whether you prefer the gym or home, affordable apps and other online sources are great ways to support your fitness. You can create customized workout routines, find a community for accountability, or mix it up with new classes and approaches.

Here’s why I love using a fitness app to support my fitness routine

  • I don’t have to think about what I’m doing! Especially on days when I’m less motivated, I appreciate having my exercise routine figured out for me.
  • With a fitness app, I explore and combine movements that I wouldn’t likely do on my own.
  • I can track my workouts and revisit ones I loved.
  • It’s available all the time, anywhere I go, in any weather.
  • I can always find at least twenty minutes in my day. (And when I’m not using my time to drive anywhere, even better!)

Of course, with so many apps, it’s tough to know what to choose. Add varying costs, and it can be quite confusing. So we’ve rounded up some popular options for you.

Apps that are free (or offer a lot at non-premium levels)

Caliber App: Many free features, including 500+ workouts, which can be curated to create a tailored workout. Or you can use the app to log your own workouts. Detailed videos, explaining different exercises, are also available.

Nike Training Club App: A completely free app (all levels of the app included, no premium version). It offers a variety of workouts, goal-setting tools, and both live and on-demand classes led by certified trainers. You can also engage in stretching, yoga, and meditation classes.

AllTrails App: If you love hiking, then this may be the app you need. The free version of this app offers trail guides, navigation, and Garmin syncing (when you have cell service). The community and access to hundreds of trails make it ideal for folks who love to find new trails. And you can save the ones you love.

JEFIT Workout Planner Gym Log App: The free level of this app offers custom workout routines and exercise instruction. You can also log your workouts and connect with the JEFIT community for accountability and support. If you prefer more features and an ad-free premium upgrade, it will cost $12.99/month.

Nike Run Club App: Another free app from Nike, but this one is meant for runners. It’s easy to use for mapping out a run and tracking distance (the feature I find most helpful). You can even connect to a community of runners, and you may also enjoy the motivational messages it provides.

Gymshark Training App: A free app with over 450 workouts and programmed plans. This app allows you to set personalized goals and then build a training program to get there. You can track your progress, save your favorites, and have access to step-by-step training videos.

Apps for less than $20/month

Peloton App ($12.99/month): A comprehensive app that allows you to stream yoga, strength, cardio, outdoor running, HIIT, Pilates, and barre. You can also access up to three cycling, rowing, or tread classes. Live and on demand are available, along with programs and challenges. Includes tracking and works with Apple watch and heart rate monitors.

Strava App ($11.99/month): If you’re working out on your own but miss exercising with a group, this may be the app for you. Strava helps you track all your fitness in one place, while also building community with other athletes. The features of this app include tracking and analyzing (syncing with most devices). You can also record and share your activities with the extensive Strava community.

Sweat App (19.99/month): An app that offers “a global community of women trained by women on a platform built by women.” Membership offers access to HIIT, strength, Pilates, low-impact, yoga, barre, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and more at a variety of fitness levels. Women may also enjoy engaging in the Sweat community for support and accountability.

Alo Moves App ($12.99/month): Yoga, fitness (including HIIT), and meditation classes offered live (via website) or on demand (via app). New classes are added every week to a library of over 2,500 choices. Alo Moves describes itself as offering the “full studio experience” at home.

Find What Feels Good Yoga App ($12.99/month): Maybe you’re familiar with the wildly popular Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. This app offers the same warm and welcoming approach to yoga and community. It also has other classes, including Pilates, functional training, and more.