Guiding Stars Expert Chef

Looking for great taste that’s high in nutrition? Our Expert Chef helps you bring Guiding Stars into your kitchen.

Erin Dow is a chef with years of experience. She’s cooked for Anthony Bourdain and now she’s cooking for Guiding Stars. Erin creates original recipes using the Guiding Stars nutrition rating system each month to help you plan nutritious meals that everyone will enjoy.

Get Started with Healthy Recipes

  • Half-Scratch Cooking
    Have you tried half-scratch cooking? Learn how this approach can save time, reduce waste, and help you create nourishing meals.
  • Low-Stress Party Planning
    About to host a gathering? We’ve got the party plan for a low-stress event full of nutritious food and time to enjoy your guests.
  • All About Flour
    There are many flour alternatives to choose from. Learn about attributes and uses of common flour alternatives here.

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Watch Erin’s Videos

Erin offers quick cooking lessons for a few of her favorite recipes, from Carrot Fries to Herbed Blue Cheese Dip.